After a year or more, your tenant is moving out. At Married To My Mop we understand the appearance is important for your rental unit’s success. We provide efficient deep clean quality service that you need between tenants. Let the professional staff at Married To My Mop tackle the unique cleaning chores to clean your property from top to bottom! We will leave your place squeaky clean so that you and your tenants get to enjoy a fresh start. 

Hosting an Airbnb can be a beneficial experience if done properly. You get to meet travellers from all over the world and inform them all about your city’s stories and the list of great things to do, all while supplementing your income! 

If not hosted properly you may fall into a trap of feeling more like a professional maid then a guide for your neighbourhood. Of course, you want to offer a clean, hotel like experience for your guests. But unlike a hotel, you don’t have a full-time housekeeping staff ready to clean your place in between reservations. 

Amongst getting inquires, keeping your calendar up to-date, communicating with guests, providing access to your listing and ensuring your guests have a warm experience, cleaning can be the most exhausting.

Your listing should be free of clutter, dust and dirt. All floors should be vacuumed and mopped. The bathroom should be sanitized with special attention to hair in the sink, toiler, shower and floor. Any opened food or beverages should be removed from the fridge each turnover. 

Hiring Married To My Mop professional staff will reduce your fatigue caused by guest preparation, and increase your cleanliness rating. Let us help you increase your ratings, booking and revenue!

Minimum is 2 hours for AirBnB clean. 



**Free consultations & quote provided on the spot**
* We offer packages for Airbnb clients* 
We bring all of our own professional supplies.