If you are searching for a reliable weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning service provider, search no more. Married to my mop will meet with you and work together to establish what makes most sense for your cleaning needs. This is done during our FREE in-home consultation. 

Sometimes a customer may began with one service and realize that they need to switch to another service because the house is not as clean as they would like it to be between cleanings, and this can be arranged through contacting Married To My Mop. 

Having a weekly cleaning crew come out to your house will ensure that the busiest households look their best. We visit on a regular basis to take care of all your cleaning needs. By keeping a more regular cleaning schedule with Married To My Mop, you can get back to taking care of more important things. 

What if your home doesn’t require the frequency of a weekly cleaner? At Married To My Mop we understand sometimes our client need just a little help with their cleaning. In this case at the FREE consultation, we would recommend biweekly cleaning. A bi weekly cleaning consists of the cleaning crew coming out every other week providing a thorough cleaning. Married To My Mop will help maintain your hope and easier for you to keep up with things. 

A biweekly cleaning would be ideal for individuals who do not really dirty their house that much, do not have children but may have a pet, do not have the time to clean their home, or those who lightly clean up their home but no not do the heavy cleaning. 

Married To My Mop understands that not everyone needs as much help cleaning their home or can afford to do so. Monthly cleaning is when the cleaning crew come out once a month and thoroughly cleans a home which may take a bit longer then a bi-weekly cleaning. Once a month cleaning we expect built up dirt, which will require extra time to ensure the house is extremely clean and that it can look beautiful until the next cleaning. 


             **Free consultations & quote provided on the spot**
               We bring all of our own professional supplies.